People can change, right?
For as long as I can remember,
my favorite flower
has been the tulip.
I love seeing tulips
burst onto the scene in spring,
petals pointing to the sky
like they’re rejoicing.
For the longest time,
a bouquet of tulips
could make me happy.
Really happy.

But I’m having second thoughts.
Every time I see a gerber daisy,
my heart skips a beat.
The vivid colors,
the ornate, bejeweled center,
the abundance of petals.
It’s all so amazing.

I feel like I’m having a flower affair.
I don’t think it’s a fling;
I’ve been noticing my growing affection
for quite a while now.
So, how do I break it to the tulip,
let her know I still long to be close,
but that my heart is with another?
Love is such a complicated thing.