When life gives you lemons,
make lemonade.
And when life gives you grapefruit,
just make do with a smile.

The six year old decided
today was the day
to have his first lemonade stand.
He carried a small chair
and a bench outside,
grabbed a handful of plastic tumblers
and a piece of paper for a sign.

Only problem: no lemonade.
Without skipping a beat,
he decided to have a juice stand
using whatever was available
in the fridge.
Red ruby grapefruit juice for a nickel,
apple juice for a dime.

Instead of taping the sign
to his bench,
he insisted on holding it
up in the air,
even when there wasn’t
a single soul in sight.

Thank God for the sweet neighbors
who came out of their houses
“dying of thirst”
with pockets full of change.
They made his day
and watching it all unfold
made mine.