This tall-drink-of-water
just cracks me up.
He lives at Como Zoo
in St. Paul, Minnesota,
where we took the boys and my grandma today.

The other giraffes
really paid no mind to us
or any other members of the human race.
They ate leaves,
drank water
and stared at the blue sky.

But this goofy guy
made the most of his time,
playing the part of class clown,
making silly faces for the camera,
sauntering around as if he wanted
to give everybody a good look.

I always loved the class clowns.
I remember boys like
Zach and Danny and Mike
could always find a way
to make their classmates laugh
when we were supposed to be
on our best behavior.
I have a soft spot
for anyone and everyone
who likes to clown around,
including one seriously silly giraffe.