We live in a really wonderful neighborhood.
We moved to the suburbs four years ago,
eager for more breathing room
but worried we’d miss being so close
to so much activity.
And, honestly, we sometimes do.

But we also realize there’s so much
to be thankful for
in the area where we now live.
On a family walk today,
my hubby voiced gratitude
for living where the power lines
are underground instead of above.
It’s a little thing, we know,
but it’s really lovely to look up
and not have wires crossing every which way
or huge poles every few feet.

On the same walk,
we spotted a deer snacking on greens
on the opposite side of a pond
we were passing by.
Definitely not a sight
we ever saw living in the city!

And then there are the neighbors,
who are so friendly and family-oriented.
On July 3rd, we all sat on lawn chairs
in one family’s back yard
to ooh and aaah at small firecrackers
being launched by several neighborhood dads.
How cool is that!?

I think, most of all,
I’m grateful that my kids
are growing up in a neighborhood
where they feel comfortable and safe,
where adults affirm them
and care about their well-being,
where this little cul de sac
feels like the center
of a very kind universe.