When was the last time
you looked in a mirror
and nearly burst with excitement
at the sight of your own reflection?
Probably when you were little.

I love watching my kids
stare into a mirror,
always fascinated and delighted
to see themselves smiling back.
Their eyes sparkle,
their bodies bounce with joy,
their beautiful spirits shine through.

But when grown-ups look in the mirror
we immediately notice what’s wrong,
conditioned to focus on what’s flawed
versus what’s fabulous.
Wouldn’t you love
to sparkle and shine again?
Challenge yourself to fall back in love
with your reflection.

Start simple:
smile at yourself
before walking away from any mirror.
Give yourself a big toothy grin!

Then, work your way up to
sustaining that pose,
thinking only good thoughts about
that beaming, happy face of yours,
for a full five seconds.
Sounds short,
but it feels like an eternity
if you’re used to only finding flaws.

When you’ve got five seconds mastered,
look yourself in the eyes
and recite a short and sweet affirmation
like these:

I am beautiful and the whole world sees it!

I feel good about who I am and how I look!

I am happy, healthy and love being me!

Yep, I know it sounds totally cheesy.
But what do you have to lose?
If you take this challenge seriously,
I am willing to bet
you’ll start to notice a difference
in how you see yourself,
how you treat yourself,
and how others treat you.

Loving what you see in the mirror
isn’t childish or conceited;
it’s required if you want to become
the best and brightest you possible.
You look maaah-velous.
Believe it!