I have become a full-fledged
beauty addict,
jonesing for a beauty fix
every single day
for nearly three years.

Yet I still stumble upon little treasures
that are right under my nose,
but have somehow gone unnoticed.
Take these tiny flowers, for example.
There are so many of them in my garden
that they’ve become like wallpaper,
a backdrop to the bigger,
flashier flowers that typically
take center stage.

But this red and yellow beauty
caught my attention today,
standing tall,
practically reaching out for me,
begging to be noticed.

It reminded me of a conversation
I’d had earlier in the day,
about how every person
just wants to matter;
just wants to feel purposeful
and appreciated.

I suddenly realized the same is true
for virtually every piece of matter
in the world around me,
right down to these precious little flowers
that were longing,
to be seen and loved.
Mission accomplished.