Ten years ago today,
I married that handsome fella on the right.
I loved a lot him then,
but not nearly as much as I do today.
See, I now know for sure
that I’d be lost without him.
Literally and figuratively.

We don’t fight often,
but a couple of years ago
we had a humdinger of an argument
while driving around one night.
I don’t even remember
what it was about,
only that when he said
I slammed on the brakes,
let him out on a dark and random street corner,
and sped off.
And then I got lost.
I seriously couldn’t find my way home
for what seemed like eons.
Needless to say, I eventually made it back.
But it would have been much easier
with him by my side.
It always is.

After the birth of our first son,
my beat-up brain hijacked my common sense,
took me on a detour
and left me for dead on the side of the road.
Some hubbies would have fled.
Mine held my hand
and whispered words of encouragement
along every step of a very long road
that finally led back to the real me.

I would also be totally lost
if I had to do this parenting thing alone.
He is my co-pilot and co-parent
on this wild and wonderful ride
and we feel so blessed
to be raising these
two amazing little boys together.

And, finally, I love that
the hubster has allowed and supported
my paving a personal path
to becoming a better, happier me.

Through thick and thin (and thick again),
he has been by my side.
He keeps me from getting lost,
and I help him slow down to enjoy the view.
Can’t wait to see
who we are and where we are
another 10 years down the road.