This kid of mine is something else.
From the day he was born,
six and a half years ago,
he has marched to his own beat
(and made sure we could hear
said beat from miles away!).

In the past week,
he has accompanied me on lots of errands:
once as a pirate with sunglasses,
another day in a racing helmet and
red superhero cape,
and today –
as you can see in the left hand corner –
he resembled the Lone Ranger
wherever we went.

I wouldn’t want it any other way;
I marvel at his confidence, creativity
and his constant curiosity about
the world around him,
needing a reason or explanation
for anything and everything.

I have to admit, though,
there are days when I’m ready
to throw in the towel,
exhausted by one-too-many questions
or crazy costumes or one-kid concerts.
But all in all,
raising this wonderful, magical kid
absolutely lights up my life.

That’s why I have created a new project,
a second blog called
In truth, it’s for all the adults
who are lucky enough to have a
super-smart, super-spunky
kid in their life.

Every weekday, you’ll find a new idea or item
sure to thrill your spirited kids
or help you nurture their gifts.
I hope you find it as fun to follow
as it is for me to create.