I have a confession:
I’m a bit of a present snob.
I love a wonderfully wrapped gift
that exudes creativity
and suggests tender loving care
from the gift giver.

Tonight we celebrated my mom’s birthday
and these were among the gifts
she received from my dad.
Vibrant, colorful, eye-catching
and I love the touch of whimsy
with the big wooden stars
hanging from the ribbon.

No, he didn’t wrap these himself.
But he knows how much
my mom is like me
(or vice versa):
we love a pretty presentation.
I think it’s sweet
that he recognizes this in her
and always makes sure
the department store wrappers
do a bang-up job on her gifts.

Do you remember
ever receiving a gift
that was wrapped
with whimsy and creativity?
Share what you loved about it
or your own brilliant ideas
in the comment section!