Yesterday, I sent out my
monthly Beauty Boost newsletter.
Each issue features a “beauty artist”
(someone who’s using their skills and ideas
to add beauty to the world).
I ask them to share a few of the things
they find beautiful in their midst.

This month’s beauty artist,
Tracy Dyer of Urban Junket,
included this in her beauty list:

“Sunlight streaming through clouds
takes my breath away.
My friend calls it “god light”
and I think that is a great description.
Ever since she mentioned that to me,
I have been seeing it everywhere.
The really cool light beams
that look like Jesus should be propped
in front of them –
it reminds me to slow down
and take things in
and I’m grateful
for just how often I see it.”

Well, the god light
was at full wattage this morning!
I was so glad
for Tracy’s reminder
to be on the lookout
for this dazzling light show.
What a sight to behold!
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