I love old stuff.
I spent the day
antiquing with my mom and grandma,
which is a heavenly use of time to me.
I’m so enamored with all the things
that once meant something
to someone somewhere
and wonder how they found their way
to an antique shop in the middle of nowhere.
I want to know their stories,
feel the energy of their past.

My favorite stop of the day
was Buffalo Nickel Antiques,
housed in an old two-story barn
and filled to the gills with gems of the past.
Some antique stores
are just a chaotic mess of merchandise,
but the items here are artistically
and creatively displayed,
with a dash of whimsy
and a whole lot of TLC.

These are three of the women who make this place tick:
Diane, Donna and Lynn. They seemed like happy-go-lucky friends, feeling lucky to be there doing something they love with people they like. You can feel it in the air and see it in the shop. 🙂