photo by Doug Bailey

I goofed yesterday
and didn’t realize until late in the day
that the Your Turn Tuesday image
hadn’t posted to the blog
(thanks, Carol, for adding a lovely poem!).
I’ve come to LOVE
giving you all a turn
at finding beauty in what you see here.
So, I’m happy to share with you today
another reflection and photo
from someone
other than me!
Kate sent in this beautiful picture,
taken by boyfriend Doug,
accompanied by her poignant prose:
My boyfriend took this
when we were hiking
on the Olympic Peninsula
a few weeks ago.
Out there, there are “nurse logs”
everywhere in the woods–
giant, fallen logs
that new trees grow from.
It’s fascinating.

Massive, towering trees,
more than a hundred years old,
survive on the nourishment of the trees
that proceeded them.
It’s a lovely cycle, really.
Anyway, my guy found a tiny shoot,
surviving on the nourishment
it gathered from the moss,
which was surviving on the nourishment
it gathered from an old, dead tree.
It spawned a lovely conversation
about legacies–
how remarkable it is
that centuries later,
a single tree
can still give life to a forest.