Can you imagine
being so excited for work
that you’d literally sprint
to get there quicker?

It’s so fun to see
the elementary school kids
in our neighborhood
get so pumped up for school
that they run for the bus.
This isn’t just a first-day-of-school
phenomenon in our neighborhood.
Every single school day,
it’s like the running of the bulls.
The bus pulls up
and they practically fly across the street,
eager to find a good seat,
to greet their friends,
to soak up new knowledge.

Think about it.
When was the last time
you were that giddy
about anywhere you were going?
For most folks,
it’s probably been too long
to even recall.
So, take a cue from the kids.
Make this the day
you create something,
connect with someone,
or discover somewhere
that puts a spring in your step
and a smile on your face.
There is no age limit on joy.