I’m celebrating two holidays today:
1. my birthday
2. the third anniversary of this blog

Both occasions beg for a bit of reflection
and, of course, good cake.

First off, I love birthdays.
Mine and everyone else’s.
They exist to measure our lives
not just in years,
but in challenges, lessons and love.
If I had not learned something
about myself in the past 365 days,
I would have known for sure
that something was amiss.

The same goes for this blog,
which started as a little personal project
and has blossomed
into a global gathering place
for all things beautiful.
It feels like just yesterday
and it feels like eons ago that I
launched One Year of Beauty!
Three years later,
I never tire of doing it,
which means it’s meant to be
and meant for me.
I intend for me and my blog
to keep getting better with age.
I hope you’ll stick around
to see how we do.