My brother, Kai, is the funniest person I know. Meet him on the street and you might never know it, but those who know him well will tell you he’s gifted with a side-splitting combo of wit, sarcasm and physical comedy. I can always count on laughing when I’m with him, which is such a gift.

Kai’s also an amazing professional artist, having designed everything from concert posters to CD cover art to my Choosing Beauty logo. You can check out his online portfolio here. Ever since I started Choosing Beauty in 2007, he has periodically joked that he was going to start his own competing company, Choosing Booty. Truthfully, I bet a daily blog with photos of people’s rear ends would be a runaway hit!

When Kai was working on the new logo design, he decided to come up with his own logo for Choosing Booty first. I laughed so hard when I opened this file and thought you might, too. Here’s hoping your day is great – no butts about it!