Dear Angels,

I’ve been talking to you a lot this week and just wanted to thank you not only for listening, but for helping my little guy so much (and probably working with the Big Guy up there to make it happen). As you know, we had a scary week and needed to schedule surgery for our toddler. Nothing super-serious, but no parent wants their child to have surgery of any kind. On Tuesday, the surgeon said there was little we could do to help our son’s eye heal on its own. All I could think to do was call on you, the winged wonders watching over us.

And, boy, did you come through! First, you sent us friends and family (our earth angels) to pray and send good, healing vibes to our little lovebug. Now, I believe in the power of prayer even more than before. And then, you did something really miraculous: all the fluid under our sweetiepie’s eye inexplicably disappeared in one day’s time. It had to be you, working your magic.

I know you can’t cure every disease or heal every injury, but I know deep down in my soul that you angels are present and available for anyone who needs you.  This week, I called upon you and you answered loud and clear. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Angel  image by Sanity Found