So glad you stopped by for What The Wednesday!? at Choosing Beauty! I’m loving this new weekly chance to share a Beauty Artist with you who’s using his or her creative gifts to make the world a better place. Each Wednesday, the featured art inspires our What The Wednesday!? question, which you can answer below to a) win cool prize and b) share your thoughts with a community of like-minded lovelies.

Today’s featured Beauty Artist is Leah Piken Kolidas, who’s not only an incredible artist but has also set the web on fire with her inspiring mission to celebrate everyone’s creativity. Several years ago, Leah launched an online initiative called Creative Every Day, which encourages a whole community of bloggers (including me!) and others who follow her lead to create art (photos, paintings, poems, crafts, etc.) based around a monthly theme. Everyone involved is encouraged to share and celebrate their creations online. Anyone can join…or just peruse all the wonderful works of art inspired by the Creative Every Day web site.

I think Leah’s paintings are stunning and haunting; they stick with you, floating around in your consciousness long after you’ve seen them. The one above is called Lantern and I LOVE it. In her description of the painting at her Blue Tree Gallery, Leah says the woman in the picture was “created intuitively and feels like a guide through the wilderness of life.” With that in mind, I feel compelled to ask you today:

What lights your way on your darkest days?
Is there a certain song, a special someone, a favorite book
that has the ability to lift you up and light you up?
Share it here!

You could win an 8.5 x 11 print
of the Lantern painting above,
with heartfelt thanks to Leah!
Maeve Binder in South Carolina!
Thank you all for your wonderful insights.
Come back next week for another What The Wednesday!?