Who was your hero when you were a kid?
Was there an actor, musician or athlete you dreamed of meeting one day?
For my first grader, that person is Joe Mauer,
catcher for the Minnesota Twins
and just honored by ESPN Magazine
as the fan-friendliest athlete in America.
Here in Minnesota, Joe is a hometown hero
for tons of kids and adults alike,
known for being a truly nice guy who doesn’t finish last.
And my son thinks he hung the moon.
So, when we found out we would have the chance today
to let our kiddo meet his idol,
I’m not sure who was more excited – us or him.
Joe was as cordial as could be,
as was his teammate, Michael Cuddyer.
And when my little man asked Joe
if he could come over someday for a playdate,
the superstar grinned but didn’t say no,
which means my kid thinks there’s still a chance.
Look at how he’s absolutely beaming in this picture!
The sparkle in his eyes just melts me,
because it means he’s realizing a dream,
knowing Joe is just as cool and kind as he’d imagined.
Now he can say he’s met a superhero.