Be still my heart! Last week, I discovered Jen Swift’s etsy shop – A Bird From a Wire – and was instantly smitten with the simple and stunning works of art she creates out of wire! She’s my Beauty Artist of the Week and is kindly giving away one of her gorgeous “Scribble Hearts” here for What The Wednesday!?

The 6×6 wire Scribble Heart can be hung on a wall or just sit on a shelf as a divine decoration. If you want, you can add little symbols of the things that make your heart go pitter-pat. For example, Jen created a beautiful Artist’s Heart (at left) using a colored pencil, buttons and fabric scraps (you can buy it if you don’t want to create your own).

Jen is always in creative mode. And she loves to inspire and encourage other artists, from beginners to pros. Her Art as Usual blog even includes step-by-step instructions so you can make wire art similar to hers. And so, I ask of you:

What do you love to do that fills your heart
and soothes your soul?
For a chance to win your own Scribble Heart, leave a comment below with your answer before Friday, Feb. 5th at midnight CST. Please remember to include an email address or a link back to your own blog. One winner will be chosen at random. Best wishes and much love to you this week!
Congrats to Leah from Bloomington, MN for winning Jen’s Scribble Heart!
Come back next Wednesday to admire
(and maybe win)
the work of another beauty artist!