Like the song says, I’m a daydream believer.
So, I have a soft spot for this original piece of mixed media artwork
To me, it implies that dreaming big requires you to think outside the box.
The rich colors – hot pink and deep blue – were created with many layers
of fine art watercolors and the word DREAM was stamped with acid free ink.
Amanda added shine (and protection) with an acrylic gloss gel.
The 8×8 canvas is initialed and dated on the front,
and signed in full on the back, as are all of her inspirational paintings.
So, without further ado, I ask you:
What dream do you dare to dream
and have the courage to believe will come true for you?
Share your answer below by Friday at midnight CST
and make sure to include a link to your active blog or an email address.
And keep checking back to be inspired by one another!
Congratulations to Tunie…my very own mom!
I swear to you chose her as the winner. And I’m quite sure she’ll be embarassed
because she had purposefully never entered a past What The Wednesday giveaway
because she wanted to give everyone else a chance.
I told her to feel free and that the winner’s always chosen at random.
Sure enough, she entered this time and she must be meant to have
this beautiful, dreamy artwork.
Thanks, Amanda, for your generosity.
To everyone else, may the prize gods shine down upon you next week.
Thanks for sharing your dreams!