What if we all woke up on the morning of Valentine’s Day
and realized we loved ourselves a smidge more?
Not in an egotistical, chest-thumping way,
but in a forgiving, spirit-caliming self embrace.
Maybe last night’s dream-flights to other realms and realities
included a stop at the center of your being,
the place where we all began,
the soul that makes you you,
the gem of a person inside that relies on your light to sparkle.
You might wake up feeling groggy,
momentarily unsure of where you are or where you’ve been,
but craving some things you’ve not had in some time
like connection, forgiveness, permission to fly.
And while the skin that you’re in might cringe at the thought,
you’d step in front of the mirror – bed head and all,
flash a big, gorgeous smile and whisper the words
you’ve been longing to hear from nobody more than yourself:
“I love you.”