I keep wisdom cards around my house, tucked away in nooks and crannies. There are angel cards, affirmation cards, goddess cards and whenever the spirit moves me, I will take out a deck, ask for guidance and pull out a card to read the message. The card I pull and the wisdom on it almost always stuns me with its accuracy in addressing an issue, question or feeling I’ve had. To me, it feels like a gentle nudge from a higher power; an energetic connection that defies logic.

Today, I noticed a box of cards in my family room and decided to grab a card. I’ve been having really vivid dreams the past couple of nights and my card was directly related to that. Wow! Then, something moved me to pull a card for you. I closed my eyes and asked to receive some guidance for my readers, then pulled the card that felt right. I opened my eyes and this is the card I was holding in my hand. If it resonates with you, feels like it’s meant for you today, I’d love to hear! Blessings to you, beauty seekers!

back of card