Over at Creative Every Day, blogger and artist Leah Pilken Kolidas
has made STORIES the theme of the month
for her blogging, art-making, fun-loving online community.
The assignment inspired me
to take a look at all the stories that live in my house.
So often, books sit on a shelf collecting dust,
serving little purpose other than to fill space.
Some are classics, some are favorites,
and some call out to you when they’re ready to be read
and you’re ready to to absorb the wisdom in the words.
My mom taught me how to read and write 
instilling a love of language and literacy in me
that has served me so well.
I’m eternally grateful.
Growing up, our house was filled to the brim with books.
And now, I realize my own house mirrors that;
every space but the dining room has books in it.
As I walked through each room,
it felt good to honor their presence and the stories they tell.
I found plenty of books that no longer match up with my life.
I took those to a used book store and promptly bought more books!
And I discovered long lost treasures that feel like old friends
whom I’ll want my kids to meet someday.
And, soon enough, a dream come true:
my very own book will join the others.
I can hardly wait.