If you’ve followed Choosing Beauty for a while, you know I adore bridges!
A bridge literally and figuratively connects two places or people;
what a brilliant invention in a world that unknowingly craves connection.
I’m especially dazzled by structures that magically cross major bodies of water.
Today, we drove over one of them:
the stunning Sunshine Skyway Bridge,
which allowed us to travel four miles across Tampa Bay.
It’s a brilliant feat of engineering and a work of art,
but also a symbol of moving forward after tragedy.
In 1980, a freighter rammed into the first Sunshine Skyway Bridge
and crushed 1200 feet of the bridge, killing 35 people.
Despite the grief, shock and fear that followed,
the city of Tampa rebuilt the bridge bigger, better and more beautiful than before.
Today it’s a reminder that there is sunshine after every storm
and that without connection,
we’d be nowhere.