Strolling along Siesta Key beach in Florida is like walking on sugar.
The dazzling white sand is so fine
and always cool to the touch, no matter the temperature.
But the most magical, mystical thing is that Harvard University geologists
have determined the sand is 99% pure quartz crystal!
They say that over millenniums, the quartz sand crystals were carried by rivers
from the southern Appalachian Mountains into the Gulf and down Florida’s coast.
The crystals actually dissipate the heat of the sun,
leaving the beach cool on even the hottest days.
And it’s no wonder everyone looks so happy here;
in metaphysics, quartz crystals are said to be very powerful
in magnifying the positive and dissolve the negative.
For as long as anyone can remember,
they’ve been used for healing and spiritual awakening by countless cultures.
I swear to you I could feel the energy of that sand today,
filling me up with joy and a deep sense of connection
with the world around me.
I am so grateful for the chance to leave my footprints here.