I am beyond excited to give away this soul-stirring piece by Rachel Awes,
an amazing woman who’s a therapist, an artist and – lucky me – a delightful friend!
Rachel has a beautifully simple and powerful blog called
She listens closely to her patients for their rich words and inner wisdom,
as well as to her own intuition and knowingness,
and then perfectly illustrates those wise words with her free-flowing art.
Rachel’s been generous enough to offer one of YOU this gorgeous print
(also available at her brand new etsy shop).
This piece inspires me to ask you…
What goodness and love
have you witnessed this week…
and why did it catch your eye or touch your heart?
Share your answer in the comment section below by this Friday at midnight CST.
This giveaway is over.
Congratulations to Vicki Holdwick in Michigan,
chosen by Random.org
to win Rachel’s beautiful print.
Come back next week
for another great What The Wednesday!? giveaway!