Tragedy is a really rude houseguest.
It never announces itself
before showing up on your doorstep,
providing no time to prepare for the worst or hope for the best.
Tragedy bursts through the door, sucks out your breath
and rips through the life
you’d been happily living just moments before.
It shows its face every day around the globe,
but you can keep it at bay until it lands in your backyard.
The phone rings. The words tumble out. The world turns upside down.
And you yearn to do something, anything, to turn back time.
But tragedy doesn’t allow do-overs.
So here we are.
A friend and colleague
fights for his life following a brutal crash two days ago.
All the waiting and worrying and wondering why
won’t be of any help, but we do it anyway.
Our only hope
is that tragedy will not be strong enough
to withstand the power of our prayers
and the healing light of our collective love.
If you’d like to help hope float,
please send prayers and love into the ether
for Steve and his family.
Every little bit counts.