I think one of Mother Nature’s most underappreciated works of art
is tree bark.
Look at it like a masterpiece hanging in a museum;
first from far away, then up close.
The difference is amazing from one perspective to another. 
Once you get up close and personal with the trunk of a tree,
you notice its unique creases, textures and patterns.
In the winter, when there are no leaves to help identify a tree,
botantists often say touching the tree’s trunk is an easy solution.
They’ve been trained to detect a tree’s species with their fingertips!
For instance, beech trees are smooth with no cracks or ridges
while white oaks have rough, flaky bark
and sugar maples have bumpy bark with long vertical furrows.
Each species has its own calling card,
each tree has its own personality.
Do yourself a favor today:
reach out and touch a tree!