Not much is memorable about a 2003 movie called What A Girl Wants starring Amanda Bynes – except for this soul-stirring quote:

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in
when you were born to stand out?”

Good question, right? It’s since been used widely in self-help circles, by motivational speakers and by folks who just need a reminder that they, too, are destined to stand out from the crowd. We all are!

The quote flew into my mind when I saw this bird hanging out with a bunch of lovely but rather bland-looking mallard ducks. So distinctive! So different! So bold! So beautiful! So not trying hard to fit in.

For those reasons, I wrote – and then erased – that I’d like to be more like him. I want to be bold and beautiful like that! But – I quickly realized if I follow in his footsteps, I’d be following the crowd and trying to fit in yet again…doing nothing to spread my own wings. So, I’ll let him be amazing just the way he is and I’ll be amazing just the way I am. It’s what I was born to do. And ditto for you! So…are you ready to fly?