I think this has become my favorite day of the week – What The Wednesday!? I get to celebrate “beauty artists” who are making the world a better place by leveraging their talents and passions. AND I get to give their stunning stuff away. Yay!

You get a double dose of prizes this week! A great book and a beautiful one-of-a-kind bookmark! First off, you can win The Genius Machine: The Eleven Steps That Turn Raw Ideas into Brilliance. I’ve interviewed author Gerrald Sindell on my radio show before and he’s a great motivator when it comes to taking your creativity and productivity to the next level. Got an idea but have no idea what to do with it? Then you need this book!

And your books need this bookmark! Dress ’em up with this one-of-a-kind gem by Maryland artist Vicki Vale. I couldn’t resist ordering earrings and my own bookmark today at her Glass River Jewelry store!
This shepherd’s hook bookmark hooks right over the spine of any book and from the silver plated chain hangs a gorgeous fire agate rondelle with ribbons of yellow, green, rust and white with a cascade of Czech glass beads. Beautiful! For your shot at winning these prizes, answer the following question by Friday 3/26 at midnight CST:
What is the best idea you’ve put into action?
Anything goes – from organizing your kitchen to launching a business!
The winner is chosen at random by Random.org.
Make sure you include your email address or a link to your address.
This giveaway is OVER.
The winner is Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner of Minneapolis.
Lucky duck!