Rachel Awes is a woman after my own heart.
She just sent me the prints I ordered from her artist shop on etsy,
packaged in an envelope adorned with wisps of whimsy.
She turned the letters in my name into star-shaped sparklers
and instantly brightened up my mailbox and my day.
I don’t recall sending Rachel any snail mail before,
so I don’t think she knows how much I, too, love to add
a little magic to the boring world of manilla mail.
I’ve been known to send plastic postcards shaped like fried eggs,
flourescent shipping envelopes that stand out in the mail room,
or write names and addresses in all the colors of the rainbow.
It’s such a simple way
to add beauty to someone’s mailbox,
plus it’s fun to do!
Let’s start a meaningful mail movement!
Draw a little doodle, add a couple stickers, spread a little joy
and seal it with a kiss.