Yesterday, I told you how much I marvel at the inner-workings of things: computer chips, whirring wheels, wads of wires. It’s all so foreign and fascinating to me. I can’t imagine having a brain able to figure out how it all works together. I guess that’s why some people are born to be engineers.
Well, speaking of inner workings, I had to go in yesterday for an ultrasound to figure out why my wheels and wires aren’t playing well together lately. Don’t worry – it’s likely not major, probably gall stones. But to rule out everything, they had to examine all the goodies in there. 
There was an intern, Brooke, and a seasoned human-insides-expert named Karen (I’m sure her card says something more formal, but I have no idea what it would be). We spent a fairly quiet hour together in a dimly lit hospital room, with me on the table and them staring intently at their fancy computer. But at one point, I heard Karen whisper, “Oh, that’s beautiful.”
“What did you say?” I asked.
“Oh, just that you have a beautiful pancreas,” she laughed. “It’s very photogenic!”
Okaaaay. That is the oddest compliment I’ve ever received, I told her, but I’ll take it. Now, on days when I’m feeling down and out or looking less than lovely, I can remember that I’m beautiful from the inside out – thanks in part to my pretty pancreas! ;o)
P.S. I am also thankful that my brain is healthy enough to not make me want to eat batteries. I asked if they ever find weird stuff in people’s bodies and Karen told me they have a patient who comes in rather routinely because he’s eaten a couple of AA batteries and they need to make sure they’re getting through his system. Try to wrap your brain around that one!

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