Is it wrong to be head over heels for a rug?
I swear this one is soul mates with my house;
same colors, same vibe, same joie de vivre!
My dog pooped all over our old rug last week.
We’d had the doormat for a couple of years.
It was nice enough and basically blended into the hallway.
Thank goodness my dog’s such a jerk sometimes!
Had she not done her business on the old rug,
I never would have strolled through the rug aisle at Target
(oh, how I love that place!)
and found this little piece of perfection.
The price was perfect, too, at $49.99.
The rug makes me happy every time I see it
and I love how it squishes under my toes.
Do you have anything like that in your house;
something simple that gives you instant joy? Do tell!