My seven-year-old received a new set of crayons and a sharpener from the Easter Bunny. He took them along to brunch and colored pictures while we waited for our food. When the tips of his crayons got dull, he was so excited to use the sharpener on each one. He held it over a bread plate to catch the shavings; after a few rotations, each crayon looked almost as good as new, which delighted him!
I wish it were as easy for us humans. Wouldn’t it be lovely to simply spin around and watch the layers, the learned patterns, the heavy baggage fall away? In reality, it takes a lot of work and courage to shed those perceptions, fears, judgements, negative thoughts and falsehoods. But it’s so worth it.
You know that voice in your head? The one that tells you – sometimes shouts at you – that you’re not good enough, don’t have value, don’t know anything, aren’t beautiful, can’t get a break, can’t move forward, and that you’ll never have money, success, good health or true love? News flash: that voice is lying to you! You’ve listened to it so many times that now it’s a just a broken record, which never sounds good. That voice in your head makes up stories based on your past. 
But that voice knows nothing about your future. It doesn’t know you’re destined for great things, that you’re willing to work to make your dreams come true, or that you have an army of angels waiting for you to request their help.
Letting your past dictate your future is like throwing away a whole box of crayons after using one color. What a waste! So, dump out the box of crayons, find your favorite colors, sharpen the heck out of them and illustrate a new life story full of happy moments and dreams come true.