It’s funny how easily we get stuck in a rut and don’t even notice it. When I started this blog in 2006, I thought I’d do it for one year. I committed to posting a picture of something beautiful and my reflections for 365 days in a row. I kept my promise. When the first year was done, many of you dear, wonderful readers urged me to keep going. For a while, I tried to post something every few days, but I missed my daily beauty habit and, apparently, so did you. So, I’ve been posting something beautiful almost every day (save for a couple technical glitches) for too many days to count. I still lovelovelove it and this little blog o’ mine has become the springboard for so many amazing things – my own business, my radio show, speaking engagements, a book and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people half a world away and even in my own backyard.

But, until recently, I thought I had to keep my promise to myself: post a picture…taken by me…and write my reflections…every day. But there was so much beauty being created by others out there that I wanted to share! Cool products, stunning art, great books. But I usually didn’t share my discoveries because they didn’t fit in the too-small-box I’d created for myself here. That is, until I realized I was the only person who had drawn the box and the only person who could erase a couple of sides and open myself up to new possibilities. Why on earth did that take years to figure out???

I started by launching What The Wednesday!? – a way to share the work of amazing artists and give you the chance to win their creations each week. Now, I’m growing another new branch on this blog tree: a weekly Beauty Board. It’s a cross between a vision board and a gorgeous gallery of things I love, things I want, and things that inspire me. And most are at prices we can all afford (in fact, there will always be something free in there and special deals whenever I can!). Below are links and info in case any of the pictured items call out to you. I’ll post a new Beauty Board every Sunday; I’d love to know what you think!

Clockwise from left:

1. Tea Dress – I’m in love with this sweet tea dress from Boden with its 1940s flair. I’m partial to the pink and brown, but it does come in other colors. Price: $128

2. She Listened Notebook – Love the phrase on this sweet little 4×6 notebook at Target! Price: $9.99

3. New Baby Personalized Watercolor – Susie at MishMish Market makes a variety of these super sweet paintings. Include the newborn’s name and birthdate, plus a heartwarming quote of your choice. I just hung three of Susie’s paintings in my home and adore them! Price: $40

4. Angel First Aid: Remedies for Life, Love and Prosperity – My friend Sue Storm, known nationally as “The Angel Lady,” just released this beautifiul new book. Ever since a near-death experience when she was a little girl, Sue has been talking to angels. In the book, she teaches you how to connect with your own angels and which ones to request assistance from regarding various areas of your life. I think it would make a wonderful graduation of Mother’s Day gift! Reg Price: $17.95  Deal at Barnes & Noble (see link): $12.92

5. Imagine Mug: Empoword has named IMAGINE their word of the month. It’s one of my favorite in the whole English language! During the month of April, you get 25% off their Imagine t-shirts, mugs and cards. PLUS, use our link above and you’ll get another 10% off. Wowza! That’s not all – 15% of each purchase this month goes to the Ann Bancroft Foundation, which empowers girls and women to achieve their dreams.

6. Art = Happy: This is the mantra of  Tammy, a Pennsylvania mom and artist whose blog is one of my new faves. Go there for a boost of creativity!