The sweet spot of the world where I live is all aglow in a hue of soft, spring green. The branches of every tree are working overtime to give birth to beautiful buds which will then give birth to lovely leaves which, in turn, give birth to a season packed with possibility. 
Every year around this time, my husband listens for the sound of spring buds popping, He tunes into nature late at night, when almost all is quiet, and is always amazed when it happens: slight rustles in the trees and a distinct but distant popping. It’s incredible, he says, to know what growth and progress sounds like.
It’s no wonder the sounds of spring caputure his attention; he creates sounds for a living as creative director at a radio station. The real stretch for him is that in order to hear spring’s arrival, he has to “shut up” (his words, not mine). This is not easy for a man who’s immersed in noise all day long. Even when we think we’re sitting in total quiet, he says, we’re still surrounded by sound: typing on the keyboard, static on the baby monitor, walking across a wooden floors, even a snoring dog. To hear the stuff that matters – like spring’s grand entrance – you have to be really intentional, focused and still. But if my paid-to-be-noisy husband can do this, I swear anyone can.
So, find some silence today. Clear the clutter from your mind, turn everything off, and simply sit still. What in the world will you hear?