This morning, my mom sent me the link to a great interview at with brilliant writer Anne Lamott, who often references birds in her books. In fact, her latest book is called Imperfect Birds. I loved her explanation of why she chose that title: “It’s from the poem by Rumi, that each of us must enter the nest made by the other imperfect bird. If we want to have human connection, we have to enter other people’s ragtag lives — which is, of course, a nightmare, but which also makes us grow and stretch, and get out of ourselves, which is literally heaven. All we have to offer each other is the welcome into our own crummy nests, which are always half-coming-apart. And it doesn’t seem like it could possibly be enough. But it always is.”
I bring this up because of the obvious link to our splendid What The Wednesday giveaway. Jewelry artist Toni Kuffel of Wild Dog Studio let me choose the fused glass necklace that I thought would speak to my readers; when I picked this a couple of weeks ago to feature today, I obviously had no idea I’d be able to give it a new layer of meaning with such a perfect quote from one of my favorite writers. Love the serendipity of it all!
So, if you want that necklace to be YOURS, I invite you to share your gratitude for a person who welcomed you with open arms into his or her “nest” at any point in your life. You have until Friday, 4/17 at midnight CST to leave your comment; one winner will be chosen at random by
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Thanks to Toni for making this week’s giveaway possible! Be sure to check out her etsy store!