Happy Friday!!! I thought I’d send you off into the weekend with something to make you smile.
I get such a kick out of my little guy’s giggles and I thought you might, too. This kid was born happy; when he was born almost two years ago, we called him our mellow fellow – always content and just happy to be here. Now he’s far less mellow – he’s into everything – but he just delights in the world around him and reminds me all the time that I, too, have so much to be happy about. Yesterday, he started feeding our lucky dog, Daisy, his animal crackers and thought it was the funniest thing in the world. His laugh is infectious and my favorite part is at the end, when he keeps on giggling despite running out of crackers. He just goes with the flow and throws air into the air! 
I hope this gives you a smile today. And if you run out of crackers, just laugh it off and trust there’s more of whatever it is you need on the way.

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