Do you ever notice messages that appear in your life at just the right time in just the right place? It’s easy to brush them off and call them coincidences…but to me, that feels like ignoring a greater power + my own inner wisdom?
Sometimes, only in hindsight do I realize a message I saw was totally, obviously for me (and maybe many others, too). Case in point: last week on TV, I saw actress Jenna Elfman tell Jay Leno a funny story about how her husband had recently left all the car windows and the sunroof wide open during torrential rains in California. The car was a goner – all the eletrical systems were shot.
The very next day, I was working on my laptop in a coffee shop when almost everyone there jumped at the sound of sudden, booming thunder claps. They were followed by a heavy, heaving, loud-as-possble rainstorm. And I was actually smiling, celebrating the sound of it. That is, until about 60 seconds into the gorgeous storm, when I suddenly realized my car was sitting outside with its windows and sun roof wide open. My first thought, as I ran to the car, was DUH! That Tonight Show conversation was meant for me! Why didn’t I listen!?
What good are the messages if we don’t look up and listen? That doesn’t mean you must look closely at every single sign you pass or takes notes during every conversation you hear. That’ll drive you insane. But if you see or hear wise words that seemingly appear out of the blue and really resonate with you, pay attention. What’s the harm in it? Think of them as personal messages from just beyond the veil to protect you, inspire you, motivate you to put one foot in front of the other.
Lucky for me, my car is still in working order. And as I drove around today, I saw these bumper stickers on the vehicle in front of me. The message on top felt like a little gift or a kiss blown to me from the angels: Love is Your Soul Purpose. A powerful reminder that felt like it was meant for me in that moment. And then the heavily bumper stickered SUV drove off into the sunset. But that one tiny moment, with that one tiny message, spoke to me and totally brightened my day. What messages will you receive today?