I’ve been shimmying with shadows today. I took my little guy to the park, where he searched for his shadow on the ground as I pushed him in the swing. He was so delighted to find it, watching it replicate his every move and swinging right along with him. On our way home, we spotted this tulip dancing with her shadow – swaying back and forth, quivering in unison in a cool breeze, looking like life-long friends.

But my own shadow dance was much less graceful today. I kept tripping over myself, forgetting to breathe, dozing off and asking my shadow to take the lead. Tiny tasks built up into a formidable pile and rough spots evolved into blind spots. It was just “one of those days” we all stumble into now and then. But get this: despite all the missteps, my long-suffering shadow still wanted to follow in my footsteps, still offered to dance together. What a loyal companion! It never gave up on me, so why would I give up on me?

I got back on my feet, pulled a watch out of the toilet (thanks to the toddler), turned on some music (right now, Train’s Soul Sister can lift me up in an instant), looked for the light and then turned around to see my faithful friend. We danced, me and my shadow, without a care in the world and now I know for sure tomorrow will be a much better day.