For many years, one of my favorite mantras or affirmations has been “people pay me large sums of money just for being me.” I don’t remember where or when I first heard it, but it stuck with me and became a great sentence to motivate me when I left corporate life to step out on my own. A couple of weeks back, I told my intention circle – a group of wise women who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is – that the money is starting to roll in, but it’s not always for stuff I adore doing. It’s for stuff that I’m good at or have experience with. I’m so grateful for the work, but at the same time, I long to be able to focus solely on the work that feels like play. To my intention circle, it was obvious I needed to change my daily affirmation to “people pay me large sums of money to do what I love.” Yes, that’s it! Just a simple tweak and I already feel inspired to follow that bliss.

And that brings us to this beautiful, intricate mixed media piece by California artist Danielle Donaldson, complete with a quirky angel and the words “Do What You Love First. Laugh Forever, Superstar.” Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s one of the items Danielle has sold at her Wish Bliss Studio etsy store. And just this week, she launched the brand new Wish Bliss Blog; head on over and show her some love!

But don’t leave until you’ve entered for a chance to win Danielle’s amazing art (which, by the way, won’t have the WBS stamp like above). Simply answer the following question by Friday 4/23 at midnight CST (and leave your email address or a link to your own blog):

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard
that motivated you to pursue a dream?
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Update: Congrats to Jennifer Maroney in Minnesota for winning this gorgeous giveaway!
And thanks again to Danielle Donaldson for making it happen!