Happy Earth Day, everyone! And what a way to greet the day: seeing the first bloom on our red flowering dogwood tree. Since it is Earth Day and everyone’s talking about going green, I have a confession to make. Even though I devote this blog to celebrating the beautiful gifts this planet gives us each day, I’m feeling a little guilty – and do every Earth Day – about my lack of consideration for Mother Earth.
It wasn’t always this way. In fact, in high school, my friend Kelly and I started an extracurricular environmental group called Save Our Surroundings (S.O.S.). We held rallies, raised money, cleaned up parks and lakes, and tried to educate our friends about how badly the earth needed our help. I fully believed I could make a difference on this big, spinning planet.
I have a feeling that high school student from yesteryear would be horrified to take a peek at my life today. I drive an SUV. I buy paper plates and disposable diapers. I take long showers (and, god, how I love those long showers). In little snippets, it doesn’t sound so bad to some. But if most of us are doing those things, we are making a serious difference…in a negative way. There are islands in our oceans made completely of trash. Meteorologists in major cities have to warn viewers of smog and pollution levels. We use tons of oil even though there isn’t tons of oil left. These are ginormous issues; no wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed enough to do little or nothing about it.
But let’s not let the scary stats overshadow the fact that most of us make good choices, too. I do buy organic. I do recycle. I do have a chemical-free yard. The little things we do to take care of our families and Mother Earth are just as powerful as the things we don’t do. So, instead of just focusing on the guilt and enormity of the problems we face, how about celebrating and expanding upon the good things we’re already doing?
I propose we each make an Earth Day Resolution – one small, bright green change that feels like a bit of a stretch but that you know you can stick with for the full year. If we all do something small, think of the world of good we’ll be doing! Here’s my Earth Day Resolution: I’m going to make a habit of using far less electricity and other energy in our house. Simple, really, but empowering. It’s something I know I can do. Want to start a resolution revolution? Share below the one small way you’re going to treat the earth with a little more TLC.
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