Isn’t the watering can an ingenius invention? Just a tiny tip and the water trickles out like a gentle rain shower, sprinkling sweet relief over the thirsty flowers below. Much like a dog gets excited at the sight of his leash, I swear my plants perk up when the watering can appears.
A little bit of online research taught me that watering cans have probably been around in one form or another since the dawn of man, but were first referenced in the 1600s. Then, in the late 1880s, Englishman John Haws patented the idea of “watering pots.” He’s the one who so considerately poked holes at the end of the spout to simulate a soothing flower shower. Brilliant!
The flowers understandably love it, but so do I. Listening to the soft trickle of water, watching the blooms dance and stretch, knowing that I’m able to give them just what they need does my heart good. They give me such joy all summer long that I’m happy to give them a little bit back.