Why on earth is this tree still standing?
Common sense would have us believe a rotted, hollow trunk
couldn’t possibly hold up a hundred-year-old leafy giant.
Yet there it is,
a twisted, warped wonder tree guarding the edge of this forest.
The branches above must not realize their foundation is floundering,
otherwise they’d likely give in and crumple to the ground.
This is precisely why I’m skeptical of common sense.
It keeps us from coloring outside the lines,
trying something new and daring,
believing in what’s supposedly impossible.
We tend to trust common sense for no good reason at all.
It comes loaded with some mighty persuasive, paralyzing words like
can’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t,
typically, normally, usually,
logical, credible, sensible.
All invented, I suspect, by the same people
who suggest we all proceed with caution, think before we act and then sleep on it.
But the soundest decisions I’ve ever made
didn’t require tons of contemplation, logic or uncertainty.
They come easieset when I shut out the “common sense” voices in my head
and just do what makes my heart sing and keeps me standing tall.

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