Our spectacular nanny, who’s 20, told me today
that time is finally beginning to fly for her.
She says, as a kid, she always heard her parents
and other adults say “time flies,”
but never really understood what they meant.
Remember that?
Remember when the school days would drag on,
when one day without seeing your best friend felt like forever,
when you could talk on the phone for hours
and still have time to kill?
Now that she has jobs and responsibilities
and is becoming an adult herself
(who’s more mature than most adults I know!),
this bright young woman
is starting to feel time whiz by her.
It’s an uneasy feeling, if I recall correctly.
After a life of feeling like you’re the center of attention,
like you’re practically invincible,
you suddenly realize the world is actually spinning so much faster
than you
and is happy to pass you by if you let it.
Our conversation mirrored another I had with a young woman last week,
a law student in her early 20s,
who was deciding whether or not to get a full-time job this summer.
“I feel like this could be my last taste of freedom
before I have to grow up,” she said.
I couldn’t disagree with her.
Don’t tell her parents,
but I told her to live it up and get a job later.
Because time does fly,
faster and faster every year,
like a roller coaster that keeps improving with age.
There are so many thrilling ups and downs
that the scenery becomes a total blur.
The trick is to steal a few moments now and then
to catch our breath and recognize where we’ve been.
But I have to admit
one last summer of just cruising around at my own pace
sounds pretty darn good.
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