I had gallbladder surgery on Wednesday
and I’m pretty sure I’ve slept 70 of the past 72 hours.
But there was a moment on Thursday that I remember clearly.
In fact, I took a picture
just to prove to myself it wasn’t a drug-induced hallucination!
On Thursday, I shuffled into the kitchen
and could barely keep my eyes open long enough
to get myself some water.
But out of the corner of my squinty right eye,
I saw something purple through the window, out in the yard.
A closer look revealed there was a single purple balloon
at the top of our backyard hill,
grounded by the rain.
I wondered where it came from
as it slowly tumbled towards me,
all the way down the hill
to the boulders along our patio.
I took a picture
and by the time I’d put my camera away,
that beautiful balloon was gone.
Given that purple’s the color of divinity,
I figured maybe it was a friendly sign
from up above
that all is well
and I am well.
I think messages come to us in all shapes and forms,
but this was especially creative and perfectly timed.
Well done!