There are so many great things about having this blog, but the one thing that drives me INSANE is technical glitches. When something goes wrong, I feel like I’ve been caught with my pants down. Not a problem for the toddler – he actually prefers it that way – but I like to keep my britches on and buttoned up, thank you very much. I downloaded a so-called “upgrade” to my design software the other night. 

Rather than improving the site, it hid it from tons of users. If you have Firefox, you probably can’t read this right now. And I have no idea why. Because customer support has yet to email me back and – conveniently – has no phone number listed. I think I’ve checked my email and the blog no fewer than 300 times today to see if there’s been any progress. It’s ridiculous, I know, since I really honestly believe that obsessing over the negative does nothing but breed more negativity. But – sheesh – sometimes it just feels like the most logical thing to do. I know it will get solved somehow, sometime. But right now my techno-pants are down and there’s nothing I can do but wait for somebody else to pull ’em up. Rather humbling.