Oh, happy day!!!

This was a brilliant day. So often, I think we make laundry lists of what went wrong in a day. Better to make a list, I think, of what went right. Here’s mine.

♥ Psychic medium Sunny Dawn Johnston spent the morning with us on Get Real. Loved her! It was a great show about intuition, attitude, and speaking your truth with some really touching readings for listeners. You can listen to the podcast here (click on the topic Psychic Investigations).

♥ My parents wanted to give me some ferns from their garden to re-plant in mine. We had a huge rainstorm this morning, but my dad still went out to dig up the ferns and load them into my car. So sweet.

♥ I planted said ferns by our back patio. Yay!

♥ I fixed my blog. All by myself. I had upgraded the design software last week and suddenly learned that all of you with Firefox could no longer get to Choosing Beauty. Aaaaagh! I’d been obsessing over it for a couple of days, but yesterday when I sat down with the computer I shifted my attitude and expected that a simple solution would come to me. It did, I found the messed-up HTML code in a weird spot and fixed it. I am a frickin’ genius!

♥ I lost a pound, despite having had surgery and not really following my plan very well for the past week. I’m down 32 since January!

♥ We took the boys to a favorite restaurant – Yum! Kitchen & Bakery. When our two year old started screeching (he has this high-pitched squeal that can break glass) and throwing his food, my husband took him outside for a walk around the block. Rather than be upset about not finishing his dinner, he said the walk was the favorite part of his day. Another yay!

♥ Then we took the boys to Lake Harriet (we have gorgeous lakes right in the middle of the city) to play on the playground and on to Dairy Queen for treats.

See? Perfection. Hope you had lots of little bits of beauty in your day, too. 🙂