It’s Sunday! Time to share my five favorite finds of the week. Enjoy and let me know what you like!

One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book : I recently told my friend Joan that I wished I had a way to record all of my Facebook or Twitter updates because so many include cute stuff my kids did or said…which I know I’ll forget someday. Fantastic friend that she is, she got me this little record book with just enough space to write a reflection a day for the next five years. I can do that! And I’m loving it. Price: $11.53

Custom Cufflinks for Dad: My hubby wears a suit about three times a year, but for those of you married to daddies who wear fancy duds to work, check out these cool handstamped, custom cufflinks from MetalPressions on etsy. If you have two kids, put one name on each. Lovely! Price: $225

Christine Kane’s Free Teleseminar: Christine Kane is a fantastic singer-songwriter (my fave tunes include Overjoyed and To Be Real). But she’s also a really popular coach/mentor for women who are ready to follow the dreams or grow them bigger. She’s hosting a free 90-minute teleseminar on June 2nd called “The Seven Steps to Creating Real Results in Your Life.” Over 1200 people have signed up already. Sounds like a good one!

You Shine With Love: The lovely Lori Portka – an etsy artist and blogosphere friend – created a bit of mixed media magic with this 4×4 painting. It’s ready for hanging, but I think it would also look so sweet sitting on a little shelf. Love it, Lori! Price: $40

Flip Ultra Camcorder : This was my Mother’s Day gift last year and it gets so much use! I stick it in my purse (it’s tiny!) and can record video of my family anytime, anywhere. And my first grader is having a blast using it to make movies with his friends, which I don’t mind because it’s relatively inexpensive compared to most camcorders. I’ve been surprised by how many people have asked me about mine lately, so thought I’d include it here. Price: $110

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