The art my seven year old brought home from school today actually brought tears to my eyes. I know I’m biased, but sometimes this kid just floors me with the depth and whimsy of the art he can create when he’s totally focused and supported.

With the school year nearly over, he was able to bring home a bunch of his projects from art class, including this colorful yet eerie urban neighborhood. The kiddywampus buildings are outlined with glitter and I love the three happy faces peering out from the cloud-like balcony jutting out from the top floor of that middle building.

I was tickled pink by the cheery, sideways-flying Tooth Fairy, waving her magic wand over the homes below and holding a tooth carrier in her other hand. The pink headband and funky hair kill me! And the lack of proportions are fabulous, too, with her head twice as big as a house!
Then he pulled out this one, inspired by “that one guy in the Starry, Starry Night song” (Van Gogh). Again, I got teary-eyed just thinking about the intense focus this detailed painting must have required from a kid who prefers to bounce off the walls most of the time. It is so thrilling for a mom to see her child discover and get lost in a pastime or “spark” that lights him up from the inside out. And for this mama, it’s especially lovely to see that one of those things is art.
Picasso used to say that kids are born artistic geniuses, but slowly lose the passion and talent as we teach them what’s supposedly right and wrong, compare their work to others’, tell them windows are not made of glitter. I will do everything in my power to let my little artist create his masterpieces with joy and confidence for as long as it lights him up. I think I’m gonna need some more frames…

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